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FCA Endurance Gear

FCA Endurance Gear is currently available through three distributors:

1. - Stocks and ships most of our casual, training, and racing gear (including Jakroo jerseys).

2.  Jakroo - Manufactures our sublimated gear.  Periodically we offer vendor-direct ordering.

3.  Inverse Special Order - Special order opportunities are available through Inverse.  Details are below.  See the catalog at:

For a full description of these opportunities, as well as for answers to the most common questions, please read below.

God bless you as you train and race boldly for Jesus Christ!  May the Lord grant you favor and abundant opportunities to proclaim Him as you represent Him through this gear.


FCA Gear is the primary online store for FCA products, and FCA Endurance is now represented through this store (see “FCA Endurance” in the left menu).  This store will distribute the bulk of our FCA Endurance branded items, including a large selection of casual and competitive clothing.  These items will be available to ship quickly, and this online store offers return options for incorrect sizing, etc. 

    Items listed include: 

  • Jerseys (triathlon, biking, running)
  • Water Bottles
  • Hats and Visors
  • Casual T's
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tech Wear
  • Polos
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Blankets
  • Cell Phone Covers
  • Bags and Totes
  • Much more...


In addition to our store at, we offer a vendor-direct store through our sublimated gear vendor, Jakroo.  After a thorough exploration of endurance gear vendors, comparing quality, price, and service, our National Board felt that Jakroo could best serve our team, providing top-quality competition gear at a fair price with quick turnaround.  Jakroo manufactures all our tri and cycling specific gear, along with a few running items.  And, because you’re ordering vendor-direct, you’ll get the best price possible.  However, in order to get this price and increased selection, you give up immediate availability and the opportunity to return merchandise if you order the wrong size.

Gear ordered through the team store will be created as it is ordered on scheduled production runs (approximately monthly during the season).  It takes 2-3 weeks for gear to be delivered (directly to you) after production has begun.  Please visit our team store for additional details and to see the current open and delivery dates.

Jakroo's Guaranteed Fit Service:  We encourage all customers to use our Guaranteed Fit Service. Please use the link below to ensure ordering can be done in complete confidence.


We are excited to announce the launch of a new line of FCA Endurance performance gear designed with endurance athletes in mind. Check out the new gear in our online store –

Our next special order date is January 31.  Orders will be taken January 7-31, with an expected delivery date of March 15.

Gear Q & A

Q:  Does Jakroo offer women's tri and cycling gear?

A:  Yes!  In the online store, click on the item you're interested in.  For most, you'll have the option to select gender and size.  For triathlon tops, women can actually choose from the women's tri jersey or the Razor (built in bra).  Women's jerseys are also available through our FCA Gear store (available immediately and returnable if you get the wrong size).  

Q:  Will Jakroo gear be available through FCA Gear and the Jakroo store?

A:  Yes.  Triathlon, cycling, and running singlets will be available through FCA Gear.  The advantage of this is that stocked gear can ship quickly as needed, and it is returnable for sizing issues.  However, in order to keep gear stocked and take advantage of FCA Gear’s distribution services, it will be marked up (there is a 20% distribution fee).

The above jerseys, plus much more (shorts, one-pieces, accessories) will also be available through the Jakroo store.  The benefit of the vendor-direct store is increased selection (availability of items that we normally would not stock) and the best price possible.  The downside is that all gear is made as ordered in batches.  Thus, delivery of your order will take a few weeks weeks.  Also, because your ordered gear is made for you, it is non-returnable.

Q:  Where can I get Jakroo sizing information?

A:  Sizing information is available on their site.  Click on the item you are interested in and then click the "Sizing" tab.  You also connect with a Jakroo rep via phone (1-800-485-7067) or via online chat.

Q:  What if I order the wrong size from the Jakroo store?

A:  This gear is non-returnable via the Jakroo store.  However, there may opportunities to sell it within the team through your local Huddle or nearby Teammates.

Q:  Why is there a mark-up on the Jakroo jerseys at

A:  In order for FCA Gear to cover their operating costs, they charge a 20% distribution fee.  Thus, gear is marked up to cover this.  This price is very reasonable and competitive for the service they provide.

Q:  Why doesn’t FCA Gear carry tri and cycling shorts?

A:  We won’t carry tri and cycling shorts (or one-pieces, accessories, etc.) because historically we do not sell enough of these items to warrant the investment.  However, these items are available by ordering directly from our Jakroo store (delivered in a reasonable amount of time with a little planning).  We’re carrying jerseys because we want to provide a way for Teammates to get these important pieces of gear quickly as needed.  We also know that many of you appreciate the opportunity to return incorrect sizes, and stocking some of these items through FCA Gear will allow this.

Q:  How long does it take to get items ordered directly from Jakroo?

A:  Jakroo orders will be processed through regularly scheduled production runs.  These will be scheduled monthly, give or take, depending on expected need (varies during certain times of the year).  After the store closes and production starts, items ordered will be shipped directly to you within 2-3 weeks.  Thus, delivery could be as short as 2 weeks (if you order right before the store closes) or as long as 6-8.

Q:  What are the shipping charges for Jakroo?

A:  From Jakroo's site:  Custom Orders are shipped direct from our own manufacturing facility in China via FedEx-3 Day International Priority to your door.  Shipping is based on weight and typically varies between $15-30 for orders under 20 pieces.  Because we use FedEx International 3 Day Priority shipping, charges are $12 minimum per order. As a company, we subsidize shipping to make it more affordable for you. If you are doing a group shipment to individual participants, we can cut costs and place a bulk order shipping to one person. This lumps all the fees together for a reduced amount. For a detailed shipping cost schedule, please contact our Customer Service Deptartment at 1-800-485-7067 (ext. 1). 

Valley Bike & Ski

For the past eight years, our ministry team has been abundantly blessed by the partnership of Valley Bike and Ski as they have invested in and distributed much of our ministry gear.  Their investment in and commitment to our mission has been greater than most will ever know, and we are beyond words grateful for their amazing, faithful partnership – past, present, and future.  They are truly co-laborers in our work, and our ministry is blessed by their partnership and support!