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Your Season's Investment

Fall is here, and for some, at least up north, your season is over. For others, perhaps with a fall marathon, turkey trot, or late-season Ironman; your season is still in full-swing. Either way, now is a great time to ask the question, “where is the return on my season’s investment?” Before you start analyzing the mile splits of your last race or thinking about your healthy weight loss over the past few months, let me clarify – “where is the return on your Kingdom investment?”

As we’ve discussed before, endurance racing is expensive. As you continue to pour your limited resources into racing: from countless hours of training, to race and equipment costs, to mental and emotional energy (and everything else that goes into it); have you considered your return on this expense? Rest assured, you are investing is something! I now challenge you to ask yourself, “what?” Are you investing in yourself or the Kingdom of God?

In considering Kingdom investments, Jesus tells two great parables, one in Matthew (25:14-30), and one in Luke (19:11-27). I highly encourage you all to read each of these once again, but for this article, I’ll briefly highlight Luke’s story. Here, slaves are left to steward a nobleman’s wealth while he is away establishing himself as king. Those who believe he’ll return invest wisely and are rewarded when he comes back as their king. Those who are afraid, lazy, or don’t believe he’ll return do nothing with what was left in their care, and when the king returns they are punished. Those who didn’t want him to become king or to submit to his authority and rule are destroyed.

So what does this story mean for us? Jesus has gone to heaven, leaving His disciples on earth to steward His resources while He is away. He is coming back though, and we will all be accountable to Him, either when He comes back or when our time on earth is done. Do you believe this? Are you faithfully investing what’s in your hand, both through your life in general, but also through your involvement with endurance sports? I pray the answer is yes and that you are seeing a return on this investment!

Practically, what does this look like? How can you tell if your investment of time, talent, and treasure has been invested well and is paying off? I may cover this in more depth at another time, but today, I ask you to look at your relationships, and ask this question… through my involvement in endurance sports, have those around me come to know and love Jesus more? Have I? If not, you may be going through the motions for either selfish reasons or no reason all (i.e. wasting God’s resources – see story above).

Today I urge you to invest wisely. Use your involvement in the endurance community to invest in others… encourage, challenge, model, point, and walk with them towards Jesus and His Gospel message! Today is the day to stop participating and start investing!

For His Glory,
Chris Anderson

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