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The resources below were created to help invite others to explore FCA Endurance and what it means to compete for Christ. The hope is to spread the word about what we're doing and who we race for, as well as to invite others to join us.

 It is our desire to make these resources as readily available as possible to those who will use them. That said, there is a hard cost associated with developing and creating each resource (listed below).  We'll try to fill minimal orders free of charge, but may ask for help to offset the costs of larger orders.  To order, please see the steps on the right of the screen.

Web Referral Card: $.03 each

This "business card" is meant to be easy to carry and give out to anyone interested in the ministry. The goal is to get people to our web site (ever changing and complete brochure), where they can learn about our ministry and prayerfully consider joining. For those who don't know Christ, we pray the site is a safe place to explore what it means to compete for Jesus.


Bible-Reading Plan Card:  $.03 each

Tri Check List: $.15 each

This is a business card sized  (waterproof/sweatproof) that is designed to be both functional for Teammates and useful to those who don't know Jesus. The hope is that by serving a purpose (the list), this card would be kept by those not on the Team, thereby serving as a reference that may water seeds planted by the giver. It's a bit higher priced due to materials used, but from experience, it is likely our best shot at getting materials into the hands of those who don't know Jesus.

Tattoos (temporary):  $.05 each


A fun way to "represent."

Roughly 1.5 x 3 inches

"Why Do You Race?" Bracelets: $.30 each

Two sides: 1) WIN at what matters... 2) WhyDoYouRace.Com

Depending on current stock, we may have yellow, black, or both available.


Endurance Ministry Tracts:  Available through Step Up to Life

Triathlon and running tracts have been created by our ministry partner Step Up to Life (SUTL). You can receive training on how to use the tract via a DVD available through the SUTL site.  

Triathlon Tract: Click here to download a pdf version.


Runners Tract:  Click here to download a pdf version.


 FCA Endurance Banners (2 Choices): $45.00 Each

These are 3'x6' bright yellow vinyl banners (with grommets) with our logo. They work great for expos and events. We sell them for cost plus shipping. If you can get them cheaper, let us know.








To Order:

1.  Send an order email to Holly

  • Provide Contact Information
  • List what you desire (item & quantity)
  • Provide a Shipping Address

2.  Make a gift to cover resource costs & shipping

FCA Bibles & Resources

There are a number of FCA Bibles, devotionals, and other ministry resources available through

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