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Prayer Team

Join the Prayer Team

Looking to impact the endurance community?  Please consider joining our prayer team, and we will keep you in the loop regarding all prayer requests.  We currently share all prayer requests via our Prayer Team Group on Facebook. 

Prayer Support Requested

We invite everyone involved with FCA Endurance to spend time fasting and in prayer, for FCA Endurance and as the Lord leads.  There is so much to be thankful for, and yet, so much work to be done.  I'm confident that we can all name people around us, in our endurance community and around the world, who need to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  There are so many hurting, confused, and/or lost people without hope who need the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).  May the Holy Spirit move in and through us!

We urge you to pray as you're led, but request prayer for the following.

  • Pray that everyone involved with this ministry would have the unquenchable desire to seek God humbly and earnestly everyday, and follow this desire with faithful, immediate obedience as called. As such, we as a ministry team will be closer to Him and more usable for the Lord's purposes.

  • Pray that we would all have a broken heart for those who don't know Jesus and feel burdened with a sense of urgency to introduce them to Him and God's Gospel message.

  • Pray that we would all have boldness in presenting Christ to everyone around us. May we all seek and welcome opportunities to be salt and light to this world through our actions and words.

  • Pray that we would seek to develop our spiritual gifts and talents, and be able to use them to make a lasting difference.

  • Pray for the members of our ministry called to serve. May our Huddle Leaders, Board Members, staff missionaries, and others be given wisdom and capacity as they serve. May they faithfully execute God's revealed plans!

  • Pray for the resources of FCA Endurance and those individuals, companies, and churches who give time, talent, and treasure to God through this ministry. May they be blessed for their heart, generosity, and service.

  • Pray that the Team would continue to grow. As God unites more of the endurance church, may our impact continue to expand!

  • Pray for the health and safety of those involved with the Team as they travel, race, and minister.

  • Pray for the Endurance Ministry Institute (EMI).  May it continue to be a relevant tool for equipping people to grow as disciples within the endurance community.

  • Pray for the Race Director's throughout the country.  That they would have soft hearts, being eager to let FCA Endurance minister at and through their races.

  • Pray for Huddle growth, especially in California, the Pacific Northwest, and New England.

This ministry is the Lord's!  Our strength and success is completely dependent on how He works in and through us all. To have the impact He has planned for us, we must follow His will for us. To know His will, we must know Him and seek His will through prayer and His word. I pray and ask that you will all do this daily so that we (individually and as a Team) can make as large an impact for eternity as possible!

For His Glory,

Chris Anderson
Executive Director, FCA Endurance

Monthly Day of Fasting & Prayer

Please join us on the last Wednesday of the month for a day of fasting and prayer.  Some praises and requests are listed below, but we also invite you to pray as the Holy Spirit guides.  A simple resource is available here.