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Endurance Ministry Institute

FCA Endurance is committed to Uniting and Equipping Christian Endurance athletes to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to share their faith with others. We are burdened to do this as a way of achieving FCA's Vision: To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.  As a part of our ministry strategy, in partnership with local churches and other Christian ministries, we are equipping those called to be more effective at sharing their faith and inviting others to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Our program to do this is the Endurance Ministry Institute (EMI). 


What is EMI?

The Endurance Ministry Institute (EMI) is the equipping arm of FCA Endurance.  It is through EMI that FCA Endurance equips our ministry team and those called to grow in their relationship with Jesus and more effectively share Him with others.  We do this through on-site training and online resources.

What is Disciple-Makers Conference 1?

The first hands-on "phase" of EMI includes a retreat or conference, which we call "EMI Disciple-Makers Conference I."  Through this opportunity, we bring instructors and resources to local areas around the country and do on-site training, equipping people for effective ministry.  The program/curriculum includes various "classes" and practical sessions designed to equip you with the practical ability to articulate Christ’s story in your life and to give a clear, concise, convincing Gospel presentation. It may be done in an evening and full day, or in a weekend-long retreat format. It can be held anywhere that the Lord rises up a host of on-site volunteers, typically an FCA Endurance Huddle.

Who is EMI for & who can attend?

EMI is specifically targeted toward endurance athletes (of any calibur). However, the bulk of the information and hands-on practice is directly applicable to any Christian who wants to improve his or her ability to verbally share Christ—both by telling Christ’s story in his/her own life and by learning a simple one-verse Gospel presentation. We strongly encourage spouses and families to attend together. We’d be thrilled if you’d invite your entire small group Bible study or fellowship group (or whatever you else you may call it), and any other believers in your circle of friends.

What are the classes like?

Each “class” is 45-50 minutes long. They include large and small group discussion, skits, video, humor and slideshows as well as some lecture. Two of the eight “classes” are simply time set aside for you and a partner to practice talking through your story and your Gospel presentation.

Who will be giving the training?

The curriculum has been designed by two seminary-trained endurance athletes who have spent the last few seasons carefully studying and experimenting with how to reach endurance athletes for Christ. The on-site instruction comes from FCA Endurance staff and volunteers trained to present the information.

Can I bring my family?

We understand the importance of families being in ministry TOGETHER!  As such, we love it when families can attend together, and we do our best to provide family registration rates.  That shared, to attend the sessions, we recommend participants be at least twelve years old and mature enough to handle a pro-longed classroom setting.  If you will need childcare, please contact the conference hosts.


Are meals included?

This depends on the format.  In the retreat setting, it is generally all-inclusive, including all meals.  In the conference format, that will depend on the site host.  Generally snacks and lunch on Saturday are included.

What if I can’t come for the whole time?

Come for as much as you can!



What if there is bad weather?
We’ll be meeting inside, so the meetings will go on regardless of the weather. Outside recreation may be impacted by weather.



Will it be recorded so that I can learn this stuff even though I can’t make it?

The second "phase" of EMI includes online resources, including the possibility of certain parts of the Presenters Conference becoming available through video or podcast.  Please check the site often to see how this progresses.


How can I get this great info for a retreat in my local area?!
We’d LOVE to help you make that happen! Contact Chris Anderson via email.



I’m definitely coming—is there anything I can help with?
Absolutely! There is always room for volunteers. Contact either the host site or Chris Anderson for more info.

I’d love to come, but there’s no way I can afford it—are scholarships available?

In most situations some help is available.  It is certainly our desire that anyone who wants this training can get it.  Please contact the site host to explore local possibilities. 


Host an EMI

While it may take a little planning and logistical coordination to host an EMI, it will be WELL worth your time and effort!

Two example schedules we have worked with so far can be found here:

click HERE for a Friday evening thru Sunday Morning retreat-type schedule with the workout in the afternoon. *This is the much preferred schedule. Well worth the extra time and expense!*

click HERE for a Friday evening thru Saturday late afternoon schedule.

What part will you play as the host? You’ll do all the coordination for a location, snacks/meals, transportation and lodging (if required). You’ll set up and track registration (can be done for free at and publicize the opportunity in your local area.

To help you, we’ve created an “EMI Guide” that includes many of the helpful details we have discovered while serving others as they host these events. Click HERE to view the EMI Guide. Please note that this is designed to serve as a guide, not a must-do-every-item checklist. It is a work in progress and will be refined as FCA-E folks like you host more of these.

See the EMI FAQs above for more information.

Please contact Chris if you know that you want to host and are ready to talk about scheduling an EMI.

Here is a list of resources for hosting your EMI:
EMI Planning Guide (.pdf)
Registration in Excel format (.xls) or in Doc format (.doc)
- This website—modified with your input

Upcoming EMI Events

No EMI Retreats currently scheduled.  Please check back for new opportunities.

Contact Chris Anderson if you are interested in hosting an EMI Retreat.

EMI Resources

On-line Gospel Presentations:

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Gospel Presentation Training:

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